9 Ways to Avoid Mistakes when Hiring Certified Translators

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If you need a certified translator Abu Dhabi and want to hire a qualified person, you should consider hiring a translation company in Abu Dhabi. A certified translator and interpreters in Abu Dhabi are people qualified to translate texts by a professional organisation. Numerous organisations provide certification, so do your research before making a decision.

When hiring a certified translator, there are a few factors to consider:

-Are they qualified to translate the specific text type you need?

-Do they have experience translating documents in the target language?

-How much do they charge?

-Do they have a good reputation?

Ask the translator these questions to ensure you are hiring the right legal translation services in Abu Dhabi for the job.

Some questions to ask a translator:

-What type of text do you need translated?

-Do you have experience translating this type of text?

-How much do you charge?

-Do you have a good reputation?

Hiring a certified translator can be a daunting task. So how can you be sure you’re making the right choice with so many options? Here are nine pointers to keep in mind when hiring certified translators:

  1. Do your research

Take the time to research different translation companies and translators before deciding. Ask for referrals from friends or colleagues, or do a Google search for translator reviews.

  1. Check qualifications

Make sure the translator you hire is certified and has the proper qualifications. Ask to see their certification and qualifications, and check to ensure an official organization accredits them.

  1. Ask for references

Before hiring a translator, ask for references from past clients. You may judge the translator’s professionalism and quality of work from this.

  1. Request a translation sample

Request a sample translation of a document similar to the one you need translated from the translator. This gives you a decent sense of the translation’s style and quality.

  1. Negotiate rates

Don’t be afraid to negotiate rates with the translator. Most translators are willing to negotiate, especially if hiring them for a large project. certified translators before making a decision. Request recommendations from friends or colleagues, and read online reviews to understand what others have said about various translation services.

  1. Check certification credentials

Make sure you check the certification credentials of any translator you hire. Translators should be certified by a recognized body such as the American Translators Association (ATA) or the Society of Linguists.

  1. Ask about experience

When hiring a translator, ask about their experience in the field. This guarantees they have the skills and knowledge necessary to accurately translate your documents.

  1. Request a demo

Many translation companies offer free demos so you can get a sense of their work before hiring them. This is a great way to ensure that you make the right decision.

  1. Get a quote

Get a quote from any translator or company you are considering hiring. This will assist you in ensuring that you do not overspend on your project.

If you need a professional translator for your business, you may consider Active Translation Services. They offer various translation services to help your business reach new markets and grow. With over years of experience, Active Translation Service provider is a trusted source for translations.

Some of the services that Active Translation offers include:






When you need translation services, it’s important to hire certified translators. This ensures that your document will be accurately translated. At Active Translation Services, we have a team of certified translators who are experienced in translating various documents. For example, we can translate documents from English to Arabic, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, and other languages.

We also offer interpretation services for meetings, conferences, and other events. Our interpreters are skilled in translating both spoken and written language.

Our team can assist you with editing or proofreading your document. In addition, we will make sure that your document is accurate and error-free.

We also offer localization services to help you adapt your document for a specific target market. For example, we can translate your document into different languages and adjust the tone and style to match the cultural norms of the target market.

Lastly, we provide legal translation services to help your document be accurate. Active Translation Services offers certification for translators. Our translators are professionals in their fields and can deliver the best translation for you. We also offer localization services. This means that we can adapt your documents to meet the specific needs of your target audience. We can also help you to create a localized website or marketing campaign.

Finally, our team offers Website translation services. This means we can help you optimize your website and marketing with local language. In addition, we can help you to engage your audience with local language translation which will help you reach more potential customers. Our translators are also proficient in localization. This means they can translate your document to be culturally appropriate for the target audience. Our translators will make sure the translation is culturally accurate, for instance, if you are translating a document for an Arabic-speaking audience.

In addition to certification and localization, our translators are also legal translation experts. This means that they can translate your document in a way that will improve your website reach. Our translation team can translate any document, from a simple email to a large website.

We also offer a wide range of translation services, including:

-Certified translations

Legal translation

-Medical translations

-Website translations

-Technical translations

-Marketing translations

-Financial translations

-Multilingual translations

If you need a translation for your website, or any other document, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you a free estimate.


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