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Wills translations in Dubai can be an expensive thing to do. A translation technology that isn’t correctly devised can also lead to issues like inconsistencies and high expenses. But this is on the side of the translator. So speaking on the client’s side, how can you ensure that you spend as minimal amount as possible in wills translation?

Plan in advance

You may have come across the phrase, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. This also applies when you want to reduce your will translation cost. Early preparations will save you money and at the same time reduce the stress of finding a reputable wills translation company in the last minutes. First of all, research a company that can offer high-quality wills translation at an affordable cost.

Ensure that the will is translation-friendly

The text should be clear and easy to understand. If possible, use the same terms when referring to a specific object. Remove anything that is irrelevant to the context, and do not forget to send the original file. This will reduce the work of a translation company and as a result, your cost may reduce.

Make use of technology

Translation memory can be handy in improving translation speed and accuracy. 

It can also help reduce costs. 

Translation memory stores texts that are later used in future projects. There are also other language assets like translation glossaries that can help translators be familiar with your wills vocabularies and tone. 

Don’t hire a dirt-cheap translator

Let’s consider this; you are provided with two translation quotes. One is so cheap that you wonder whether the company is really genuine. You may want to ask yourself why the services are extremely cheap.

 Usually, when a will’s translation company offers services that are very cheap, chances are that their translators are not competitive enough. It is actually possible that they are working with non-native translators. As a result, your document quality will be compromised. Most quality wills translators do not come cheap. You already know how complicated it can be to translate a will. If a single mistake occurs, it is not only your company that will suffer, but you may also cause bad blood among the family members. 

Centralize the process

Working with only one Translation Company can save you up to 15% of the total cost. It means that you will spend less and also benefit from accuracy and transparency. 

In conclusion

Here are some of the top strategies you can use to reduce your wills translation cost. We only use skilled and trained translators who also go through continuous learning to be aware of the current industry terms. We regularly check the quality of our linguistics. With years of experience in offering translation services, our competitive costs and the fact that we only work with native translators are the things that make us stand out. So if you require wills translation services of any kind, do not hesitate to contact us!


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