7 Things You Must Know About Website Translation

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The world is now like a small marketplace. Excellent time and creating a multilingual website to reach global customers is the best representation. Websites have virtually evaporated all the barriers to reach new markets except one, which is the dreaded language barrier. To make your website work as an effective marketing machine to communicate with international consumers, it has to speak the same language as the locals of each market destination you wish to do business with. If you cannot talk to your customers, there is no means you can convince them of your authenticity and quality. The most commonly understood languages globally are English, French, German and Arabic. All you have to do is ensure effective communication in these languages through your business website to exploit new highs and open new horizons for conversations and sales. It can get done by hiring a certified translator in Dubai. 

There are many vital factors to consider before sending your website for translation to avoid future inconveniences. Following are seven (07) things you must know about website translation.

  1. One of the fundamental things to understand about website translation is that it’s not a simple text translation but involves working with programming codes, images, animations, flash files, etc. It gets highly recommended if the website developer knows from the beginning that you intend to generate a multilingual website in the future. Programming has to get tailored accordingly if the website content is unique or has various versions in multiple languages.
  1. The second most crucial point to know about website translation is that the website’s text spaces are dynamic. The website content must be automatically adjustable to the text extension. For example, a text in German is 15% more extensive than a similar meaning English text. The website developer must take this factor into account when designing and programming the website. The translated content must not damage the entire look and symmetry of the website. Similarly, the text alignment may vary with language, like in the Arabic text language. We all know Arabic is read from right to left while English, French, and German get to read from left to right. The website translation must be able to take care of this text alignment issue without error.
  1. The third factor to take care about translation is the encoding of the website. Website translation has to be fully compatible with the various characters of multiple languages. Have you ever noticed hieroglyphs filled with signs like “&%” and squares on a translated website? It is because the website cannot read a particular accent. It’s even worse if it’s a French character!
  1. The text in image format on a website is more complicated to handle on website translation. Lesser the text in image format, the better it is for translation. If the text is editable in the images, then it’s simple to overwrite it, and there is no need to redesign the entire photograph during the translation process. Redesigning the whole of the visual content of a website is time taking and costly.
  1. If you are familiar with website designing, you must have heard about multilingual CMSs that have features claiming to manage content translation easily. But when it comes to the proper translation of a website, CMSs multilingual features are undercooked, unable to offer automated translation workflows. This forces translation service providers to manually handle the process of locating on-site translatable content. After finding the text needed to get translated, it will get sent off to certified translators in Dubai. The translated material will then get variously integrated into the localized website. All this effort makes the translation services Dubai time-consuming, prone to error, and eventually, cost-inefficient.
  1. Although hiring a traditional translation company in Dubai is a fantastic way to target global customers, localization through region-specific translations and cultural nuances can add a massive boost to conversations and engagement. It increases the likelihood of your website getting understood fully, and eventually, your business gets welcomed.
  1. Lastly, having a “mixed language” website where certain content remains untranslated is the worst thing to offer to a global audience. It puts a big question on your commitment to international markets and your competence. An incompletely translated website might land you in trouble with local regulatory agencies. An ideal website translation has both on-site and third-party content well translated along with image files or metadata.


It’s vital to choose an excellent translation service in Dubai whose results sidestep the common pitfalls of website translation. Active Translation Services Dubai offers a range of services. We offer the best legal translation in Dubai by eliminating the effort for you and encoding our best practices. With our legal translation office in Dubai, we deliver legal translation services and world-class website translation at a competitive cost without compromising quality and credibility.


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